Boost brain performance with a functional diet!

‘Day by day I seem to forget everything . Earlier there were not so many mistakes in all the work. ‘ This complaint is more or less all of us . When we say diet, we only think of diet to gain or lose weight . This is a mistake . As the disease is different , so is its treatment . Today we will tell you about the brain About performance enhancing diets.

Effective diet to boost brain performance

The MIND Diet

This diet is especially effective in preventing age- related decline in brain power and dementia . It is a combination of Mediterranean and DASH diet . The full form of ” MIND ” is Mediterranean-DASH for Neurodegenerative Delay . According to experts , besides maintaining brain function , it reduces blood pressure and diabetes , heart Reduces the risk of contracting various diseases including diseases .

What is the Mediterranean diet ?

The Mediterranean diet is based on what people in Italy and Greece were used to in the 1960s . The main points of this diet are:

Vegetables , fruits , herbs , nuts , grains and seeds should be eaten .
Fish , seafood and olive oil must be present in food .
Chicken meat, eggs ,cheese,curd must be sufficient quantity
Avoid red meat such as beef and mutton .
Avoid processed meats , refined rice , sugar or flour , sugary drinks and foods fried in excess oil .

What is DASH diet ?

What is DASH diet ?

The full name of Dash Diet is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) . Studies have shown that people who rely more on vegetables and leafy foods are less likely to develop high blood pressure . The DASH diet not only reduces hypertension in healthy people , but also in hypertensive patients _ Lowers blood pressure .

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Reducing or preventing the tendency to high blood pressure
Reducethe risk of heart disease
It also helps us in many other ways. For example-

Helps in weight loss
Reduces the risk of cancer
Some tests show that it reduces the chances of metabolic syndrome by up to 81%.
The main points of this diet are:
Eat enough vegetables and fruits _ _
Regular consumption of grain -based carbohydrates
Consuming skinless chicken , fish _ _ _
Do not consume more than one teaspoon ( 2300 mg ) of salt _

Details of the MIND Diet

Several of the following foods are important components of the Mind Diet . Having them in your diet regularly means that they are not only good for your brain health , but they are also beneficial for your physical health .

Let’s take a look at those foods

1. Green vegetables _ _

Leafy vegetables are very beneficial for the body . Crumbs , spinach , lettuce are notable among them . A regular diet of 5-6 times a week means that you can avoid the possibility of dementia at the same time as you stay away from your constipation problem .

2 . Other vegetables

Apart from the above vegetables, try to keep a variety of seasonal vegetables on your food plate regularly . These vegetables cooked with less oil and spices are low in calories , which will keep your internal system healthy .

3. Berry

Berries shouldbe eatenat leasttwiceaweek The habitof eatingstrawberries,blueberriesbe kept.

4 . nuts

Although there is no scientific explanation of which type of nut is best for this condition , this food is packed with nutrients .

5 . Olive oil law

Everyone should use olive oil in cooking . Apart from protecting brain health , it also prevents body weight gain easily .

6. Foods like pulses and beechies

Try to include cruciferous vegetables such as these foods in your diet at least four times a week. All kinds of seeds including jackfruit seeds, bean seeds. Soybeans and lentils are also included. These foods are essential to boost brain performance.

7. the fish

This source of animal protein is no less beneficial for the growth of children as it is for adults. Especially sea fish such as salmon, tuna , mackerel etc. These fishes help in increasing brain function.

8 . the meat

This includes chicken and turkey . _ You can easily eat 2-3 times a week . But remember that it does not include fried chicken or meat cooked with extra oil spices .

Do not stop eating these foods suddenly if you do not eat or can eat more than the servings mentioned. Because maintaining a moderate mind diet can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This is not the word of mouth, but the data of the research results.

What foods to avoid ?

1. Butter and margarine

Try to avoid them as much as possible .

2. cheese

The Mind Diet recommends eating cheese less than once a week .

3. red meat

Trytoavoidanykindofred meatincluding beef ,beef .

Above all , keeping your diet low in saturated fat is recommended to boost brain function . So today we know a lot about brain food, right? Hope the feature was helpful. stay well

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