Diet tips to lose weight 6 diet will be eaten at the right time

For a long time nothing has been written about food tips to lose weight. I will tell you about this today. But before that let me start with my neighbor Reshma. Reshma’s weight is only increasing. What kind of diet did you do? Seeing that nothing happened, he completely reduced his intake. He did not eat properly even one meal a day. Later he dried up, but fell ill. Due to not eating, his body lacks nutrients. He started suffering from anemia. Along with the treatment, the doctor advises him to eat more and says that if he goes on a diet without eating like this, there will be no way to cure him later with any treatment.

Many of us make such mistakes, don’t we? Stop eating and drinking to lose weight. As a result, the body does not get the amount of protein, vitamins and nutrition required to keep our body active. What is the benefit of dieting without eating like this? Right now he needs to eat more. So you need to know how to lose weight by eating right at the right time and diet plan that will provide the right nutrients to the body , right? I will share such a diet plan with you today.

Diet tips to lose weight

(1) Before breakfast

A glass of lemon juice before breakfast

Decided not to have breakfast, right? I’ll talk about breakfast later. Before waking up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice. This lemon water must be consumed on an empty stomach. It will cleanse your body from the inside and act as a detox. At the same time, the metabolism of the body will also increase.

(2) Breakfast

This time you can think about breakfast half an hour after drinking lemon water. Breakfast means fruits. If someone advises you to eat fruit all day for diet, it is definitely wrong. The perfect time to eat fruit is in the morning. Because, the resulting sugar is distributed nicely throughout your body in the morning.

You can mix 2 oranges, 2 apples, 2 guavas, 2 pears together as a salad. You can also add a handful of almonds or cashew nuts . The resulting sugar will give you energy for the day and the protein will keep your hunger at bay.

(3) Lunch

You can keep a piece of meat in your diet during lunch. But it can be beef, chicken or beef. But in case of cow or khasi, it must be young. Because young meat does not contain fat. Try to avoid rice or bread with it. Eat 2 cups of yogurt instead. If you want to eat salad , don’t eat creamy salad. You can make a salad with raw vegetables and eat it as a side dish with meat.

(4) Snacks

Vegetable salad mixed with olive oil for weight loss

A few hours after lunch, everyone gets hungry. But those who want to lose weight, do not eat even if they are hungry. I am not in favor of it at all. You can eat snacks when you feel hungry , but you have to be careful about some things. Don’t eat chips, chocolate, oily food as snacks. Make a salad with any seasonal vegetables. Mix a pinch of salt and olive oil in it. Just make your snacks. The body will satisfy hunger and get nutrition, and there will be no fear of gaining weight.

(5) Dinner

Dinner is the last meal of the day. But it should be very light. Include 2 boiled eggs, green salad or cucumber salad in the night menu. This is your dinner menu. Make it a habit to eat dinner as early as possible. It is best to have dinner by 9 pm.

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(6) After dinner

I told you to finish dinner by 9 pm and you must be thinking what to do if you get hungry? After dinner, when you feel hungry, make tea with 2 bags of green tea in a mug of hot water. No need to eat the whole mug at once. You can eat little by little until bedtime.

How long you follow the food tips to lose weight is entirely up to you. But within 10 days you will see the result that much I can say. This time may be shorter or longer due to the differences in physical structure of each person.

Finally, I will say only one thing, “Food tips to lose weight today. So there is no point in not eating to lose weight. Just know how to eat what food at what time.”

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