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Pregnancy and motherhood is a special time in every girl’s life. From the moment he realizes that a new soul is growing within him, self-care becomes automatic. It is normal to gain weight during this period. Because for the growth of the child in the womb, the mother-to-be needs to take in extra calories, get enough rest, and avoid heavy workouts. Many are extra after delivery weight worry about Apart from taking care of the child, you also have to be fit and take care of yourself. Answers to some common questions about fitness after pregnancy are here for you today.

Fitness after baby delivery

It is often seen that the weight gain that occurs during pregnancy, does not decrease with time after the baby is delivered. For those who breast feed, there are also some dietary restrictions. At this time, mothers worry about their excess weight, many cannot reduce their stomach even after wearing a belt. Especially in the case of cesarean delivery, mothers face problems in reducing belly fat. At this time, what can be exercised, when can one start exercising, such questions keep turning in the mind.

 will tell us today some basic information about how to get fit and how long to start exercising after women lose weight.

Expert advice on post-pregnancy fitness

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1) How many days after delivery can exercise be started?

Ans- Starting exercise mainly depends on the pattern of delivery.

1. In case of normal delivery and uncomplicated pregnancy, light exercise can be started after 10-15 days. But, if laceration, episiotomy / mini surgery is done during normal delivery, then low impact exercises can be done after 4-5 weeks of rest.

2. In case of cesarean and complicated pregnancy it depends on recovery of 6 layers of stomach. It will take 9-10 weeks to start low impact exercises and 14-18 weeks to start high impact exercises.

Exercises to restore your core after pregnancy

2) What problems can be caused if you start exercising without following this time?

Answer- There may be chance of Bleeding, Incisional Hernia, Infection, Back Pain, Muscle Injury.

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3) What are the benefits of exercise after pregnancy?
  • Depression will help reduce
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces mood swings
  • Increases stamina
  • Keep the body toned
  • Confidence will increase
  • It will help reduce stress
  • Eliminate insomnia and ensure good sleep
4) What kind of exercises can be done?
  • Low impact aerobic exercise
  • Walking
  • Light weight training
  • yoga
  • Body weight exercises

We will go into more detail on how to do the exercises later. If you have anything to know about fitness after pregnancy, you can comment. New moms take care of themselves, nutritiously food Eat, try to be carefree. All the best to you and your little darling.

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