Follow the expert opinion to get the desired body shape!

How we do nothing to make ourselves attractive! Spend a lot of money and buy makeup products, put them on your face. but makeup After erasing, the dirty look, chubby chin came out again. Those who are a little conscious try to get the body in shape by exercising. But there is no change in the shape of fat arms, heavy hips or chest. Have you ever wondered why you are not getting your desired body shape? In today’s article Mahmuda Akhter Rozi, Physiotherapy Consultant and Gerontologist will discuss various things to do to get the desired body shape.

Body shape type

There is a lot of difference in body structure between people. Everyone’s body structure is different. Someone’s face is full, body is dry or the whole body is heavy but there is no meat in the mouth. In some cases, just looking at the fat hands makes them look fat. Some may have heavy upper body, some lower body. This is because everyone’s body structure is different. If we understand what kind of body structure someone has, then it will be easy to maintain diet chart and exercise routine accordingly.

Depending on the fat we are generally of 6 types the body I see the shape. For example-

1) Body surface area is heavy

This type of body shape is more common in people who are very reluctant to exercise and are picky eaters, especially those who like sweet foods. If your body structure is like this and you want to get the desired body shape, then first of all you have to eliminate sweet foods from your diet. At least 30 minutes per day exercise have to do Adding aerobic exercise, walking or swimming etc. to exercise gives better results.

Body shape demo pic

2) The middle part of the body is heavy

Generally, women are more likely to have this type of body shape. Reasons include inattention to one’s health, depression, restlessness, stress, etc. Being worry free, stress free and living a relaxed and normal life along with regular 30-40 minutes of yoga exercise, aerobics, Zumba, meditation will reduce this problem a lot.

3) Lower abdomen is heavy

Many people have thicker thighs than upper body. The reason for this is the consumption of excess carbohydrates. Those with such problems should include lean meats, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits in their diet. Many of us have a habit of not eating the right amount of breakfast every morning. Due to which more food is consumed at other times of the day. So you have to pay attention to this.

It is important to have good leg structure to get the desired body shape. For this you have to exercise regularly. A very simple exercise is to use the stairs instead of the elevator when moving to the office or home. Also walking or running for 30 minutes is a good exercise for the legs.

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4) Stomach fat

People who suffer from alcohol addiction or respiratory diseases, can accumulate fat in their stomach. The way to get rid of it is to say no to alcoholism and get proper treatment.

5) The lower part of the body (legs) is heavy

Women are usually seen in this body shape during pregnancy. During this time they suffer from leg and ankle pain. extra weight This happens without carrying and eating a balanced diet. To prevent this from happening, exercise should be done daily and avoid salty foods in the food list and keep nutritious foods.

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6) Chin, neck and shoulders are heavy

Due to lack of physical exercise, fat accumulates in these parts of the body and becomes fat. To solve this problem, it is recommended not to eat glucose-rich foods (sweets and sugary foods). Also, lack of adequate sleep increases the body’s need for food. That’s why you need to sleep eight hours daily for a healthy body and perfect body shape.

Diet list for perfect body shape

Remember, to fix the body shape, first of all, the food list should be arranged according to the body structure. Protein foods such as fish, meat, eggs, milk must be included in the daily diet. because protein National food gives energy to the body and helps in movement.

Protein in the diet routine

Along with proteins, fibrous foods such as vegetables should also be eaten regularly. Foods rich in fiber help in weight loss. Some fat should also be included in the food list. For example, Omega 3 fatty acids. Not all fats are bad but such fats help maintain mental and physical health.

Exercise rules

1) Warm up: Warm up for 5-10 minutes before starting the exercise. Otherwise, muscle tension may cause injury.

2) Different Exercises: Instead of doing the same exercise every day, if you divide the different parts of the body and exercise for each part one day, the body gets in shape quickly.

3) Stretching: Stretching should be done after exercise.

4) Rest: 1/2 day a week should be rested without exercise.

5) Drinking water: Drink plenty of water every day.

We all want to stay young. We also want the clothes of our choice to fit our body. For this it is important to know your body shape. Then arrange the diet chart and exercise plan according to what to do to get the perfect body shape. Stay healthy, live happily.

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