What are the benefits of listening to music during exercise?

We are familiar with the sight of someone exercising or jogging with earphones in their ears in the morning. Make sure that when you are going for a walk or exercising, you are also putting earphones in your ears. But why is music heard during exercise? exercise And what is the relationship between the song? Science also says that there is a link between these two. Let’s find out why it is important to listen to music during exercise.

Benefits of listening to music while exercising

Will motivate to start exercising

Many times you don’t want to exercise or walk because of various reasons or laziness when you get up in the morning. If so, turn on the music at the beginning. It will make you interested in exercise or brisk walking. Music will keep you motivated as long as you exercise. In regular exercise Weight too will decrease rapidly.

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The speed of exercise will increase without knowing it

Ever feel like exercise isn’t making the physical or mental changes you need? If so, walk running Or create a favorite playlist before hitting the gym. According to research, music is very effective in speeding up tasks that are drawn out. For those who have a habit of running, listening to music can be said to be a kind of good news. If you are in the habit of running for a long time, your injury rate will start to decrease significantly as your running speed increases. As a result, your steps will be shorter and your speed will increase a lot. A survey of 26 runners showed that running speed increased as the beat increased for songs of 130-200 beats per minute. So if you want to run fast, it is better to choose songs that have beats per minute between 160 and 180.

Keep the mood good

Everyone knows that music can improve your mood. This is because the type of music and the volume dictate how hard you work. Favorite songs will keep you moving, keep you motivated. However, not all types of music will work in the same way for everyone. If you have memories of a particular song or the lyrics inspire you, you can add those songs to the playlist.

It will help you stay calm

Yes, just as it is true that music can make you energetic or excited, music can also be very effective in calming you down. Generally, listening to songs that have beats per minute between 80-115 beats per minute will cause the heart rate to slow down. Also before the start of any race or competitive game such low beat songs play a big role in reducing tension and self-control. According to research, music also helps people in decision making.

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Will bring coordination at work

Rhythm is the biggest component of music. It is not that you have to dance with the rhythm while listening to the music, but it is important to pay attention to whether the body movement is happening in the rhythm of the rhythm. According to research, the electrical activity of the part of the brain that coordinates our physical activities increases as a result of music. And that’s exactly why you tune in with your favorite music.

Reduces fatigue

It is normal to feel tired while exercising. In this case music will help you wake up with new enthusiasm. Since music stimulates the brain separately, only slightly tired The probability of occurrence also decreases. A survey of 12 cyclists found that whenever they listened to music while cycling, their average speed increased. If the beat of the song is higher, the speed is higher in these cases.

A song you like will keep you away from stress. Also, the feeling of excessive fatigue will also fade away. But this does not mean that you have to work beyond your means for the sake of music. Do as much as you need to, just keep the music going. Simply put, your own Care To do this, you need to keep the music together.

Hard work can also be fun

The best way to associate music with exercise is at normal times workout Difficult for you, music is able to present it to you very easily. Music is much more effective than holding a tutorial in front of you during exercise. Because, when you’re busy with the music or the lyrics, the mind is naturally less focused on the hard work. And the more you move away from tedious tasks, the more enjoyable the work will become.

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Helps to normalize

According to the results of a test conducted on 60 exercisers, after a long exercise when the body is very damaged, the heart rate is very high, music also helps to normalize. At this time, listening to slow music reduces blood pressure and heart rate. That is, songs with light beats are very effective in reducing your cardiac stress.

Best Music For Your Fitness

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Exercise or walking is necessary for the body. However, if you get bored, sometimes you lose interest in these things. If this is the case, accompany the music. Boredom will also be cut, the body will also be fit. Stay well, stay healthy.

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