Planning to start exercising? Know some important things

Obesity is one of the most neglected diseases in the world today. The most effective way to prevent obesity exercise. Regardless of this problem, exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep anyone healthy. Exercising habit plays a great role in physical health as well as mental peace. Exercising is not just a hobby, it is a practice. You’ve made a plan to start exercising, but sticking to it requires determination and some long-term planning. If you are interested in exercising, then in the beginning, know the details of everything you need in this article.

Why is it important to plan the start of exercise?

It is very important to have a clear idea of ​​the goal and purpose behind the activity, not just exercise, but any activity. So before you plan to exercise, you need to know why you are exercising. Regular exercise will keep your body healthy. At the same time, exercise habits can be beneficial in many complex diseases (obesity, diabetes) including weight balance, muscle building. Also, according to research findings, exercise can improve your mood. depression It is quite helpful in overcoming. You will get the benefits even during sleep.

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How to start?

If you have a long-term plan for exercise, some things must be checked in advance. Let’s know about it-

Keeping a proper understanding of your health

Although many people neglect this matter, it is better to consult a doctor before starting exercise. Especially those who are planning to do exercises like lifting heavy objects, should try to go. This will be helpful for you and the trainer. Having a proper understanding of your health will help you understand what type of exercise you need or what your physical capacity is.

Setting targets according to the plan

After deciding to exercise regularly, you need a specific plan. A plan that must set targets that you can actually achieve. In this case, it is best to set small targets in the beginning. Later on the body Targets can be gradually increased when habituation is achieved.

Let’s say your target is to run 5 km. You can’t run that far in the beginning. So start by running 1 km. It may take a week or 10 days for the body to set up to travel this distance. Then gradually increase the time. If you target according to the plan like this, you will also like to exercise, and the body will also get used to it. You will also be encouraged.

Make it a habit

Who does not want the benefits of exercise? That is why it must become a habit. If one can make exercise a habit or is able to continue with the same routine for a long period of time, the chances of success are greatly increased. A study shows that if you can replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one, it is possible to maintain it for a long time. Also, even if you exercise at the same time every day, it quickly becomes a habit. Regular exercise will become a habit, let’s look at such a weekly list-

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Sample 1 week exercise list

Monday: 40 minutes of jogging or brisk walking at a moderate pace
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Ten minutes of brisk walking. Then the following exercises in succession-
Cycle 1- 3 sets of 10 lunges per leg, 10 pushups, 10 situps
Cycle 2- 3 sets of 10 chair dips, 10 jumping jacks, 10 air squats
Thursday: rest
Friday: 30 minutes of cycling or running at a moderate pace
Saturday: Jogging, running or walking for 40 minutes

Some tips for newbies

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water throughout the day is very important to maintain water balance in the body. The body can become dehydrated during prolonged exercise, so drink water between exercises. It relieves some fatigue and prepares the body for the next exercise.

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Eat nutritious food

Good health is not just about exercise. For this one must pay attention to consuming nutritious food. Eating the right foods is important to get enough energy in the body, as well as reap the benefits of exercise. For example, consuming carbohydrates provides enough energy for muscles before exercise. Carbohydrates also play a role in replenishing glycogen depletion and amino acid absorption immediately after exercise. Also adequate after exercise protein Focus on intake. Because protein is the main building block of muscle. Also, to shed accumulated fat and stay active for longer, you must eat love foods.

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warm up

Warming up before starting exercise is very important. A light warm-up will keep you away from injury, as well as help increase performance, build endurance and reduce soreness. You can warm up with some simple activities. For example- hands and feet Move or lunge. Alternatively, the desired exercise can be done lightly. For example, light walking before the start of the run.

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take rest

Take some rest between exercises. The body returns to normal. Sitting quietly for a few minutes will normalize breathing and reduce muscle fatigue.

Many of us are not used to exercising every day. Due to this, there may be some discomfort or body pain in the beginning. If this is the case, take some time to rest instead of exercising continuously. Otherwise you may get sick. Once you’re sick, you may lose interest in exercising. So don’t take too much time in the beginning and gradually make it a habit. Stay well, stay healthy.

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