Reduce excess cheek fat very easily in just 1 week!

Excess fat and puffiness of the cheeks are the biggest problems of girls . Without being a little fat , the face is swelling, excess fat is accumulating on the cheeks, and it looks incongruous at times. So you have to start trying to reduce this fat from today. Reduce excess cheek fat very easily in just 1 week! But how? Our today’s article is about the right method to lose excess fat. We will tell you about some effective ways to reduce excess cheek fat in just one week.

Effective ways to reduce excess cheek fat

If you adopt the following ways to reduce excess cheek fat, your excess cheek fat will be reduced in just one week.

(1) Sugar free chewing gum

Sugar free chewing gum

Reduce excess cheek fat by eating colorful sugarless chewing gum

Chewing gum reduces excess cheek fat. Because it is a form of exercise . By doing this exercise, the extra fat on the cheeks will start melting very quickly. So chew 2 to 3 pieces of chewing gum a day. But keep in mind that the chewing gum should be sugar free.

(2) Green tea

Green tea is very useful in reducing excess body fat. It removes toxins from the body and increases metabolism . So keep green tea in your daily food list. After waking up in the morning, you must eat green tea for breakfast. Drinking at least 4 cups of tea a day will reduce excess cheek fat in just one week.

(3) Milk and honey massage

Milk and honey massage

You can make a pack with milk and honey and massage it on your face every day . This pack will tighten your cheek muscles and prevent excess fat accumulation. Make a pack by mixing half a spoon of honey with one spoon of milk . Massage this pack from the lower part of your cheeks upwards. After massaging for 10 to 15 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water. Do this massage twice daily. You will notice the difference within a month.

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(4) Neck roll exercise

The neck roll exercise is the most effective exercise to reduce excess cheek fat. This exercise is very easy to do.

First stand straight.
Now bring your muzzle down to your chest.
Now slowly rotate the neck to the right. Keep counting from 10 to 15. Return to the previous position after the fold.
Then turn the neck to the left again in the same way. Hold for exactly 25-30 minutes each time.

(5) Diet


Reduce extra cheek fat diet in 1 week!

Diet is necessary to reduce excess fat in any part of the body . No matter how much you exercise, you will never lose excess fat without dieting. Include cucumber , oats, yogurt, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Also try to eat foods with vitamin E. Vitamin E increases the mobility of our muscles and excess fat on the cheeks will be reduced. Also drink plenty of water.

(6) Resistance

This is also an effective exercise to reduce excess cheek fat. You can do this exercise very easily.

First, you should make fists and place them under the jaw.
Now with the help of your hands simultaneously push the jaw down and then up. Keep increasing the pressure from both sides like this.
Do this 5 to 7 times daily. Doing this exercise regularly will reduce the excess fat on your jaw.
There are many other exercises to burn extra fat. But if you follow these 6 methods, you can easily reduce excess cheek fat in just one week. So without delay use these methods regularly and reduce excess fat on cheeks. Take care of yourself regularly, stay healthy and beautiful.

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