Swimming to lose weight Follow 8 tips to stay fit and healthy!

Body weight is increasing due to busyness in city life. If the weight is not reduced in time, various diseases can appear in the body. So conscious people try to keep weight under control all the time. For this gym or free hand exercise is the first choice. However weight Swimming is also a good exercise. According to Franklin Antoine, founder of exercise website ibodyfit.com, ‘Swimming is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Just as much weight can be lost by running as by swimming. It is very beneficial for those who have muscle or joint problems.Let’s know how swimming helps to lose weight?

How does swimming help to lose weight?

1) Swimming before breakfast

Early morning walking is easier but swimming is a little harder. But if there is an opportunity, it should not be missed. If you wake up in the morning and swim, the accumulated fat in your body will be easily converted into energy. Since swimming involves a lot of body movement, swimming in the morning is a great way to lose accumulated fat. And when it comes to exercise, swimming has a great effect not only on cardio, but on the whole body.

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2) Swim fast and strong

As soon as you start swimming, the body burns a lot of calories. But once it becomes a habit, the calorie expenditure will start to decrease again. What is the solution in this case? Of course making swimming faster. At the same time, arms and legs should be thrown much more during swimming. According to research, to lose weight through swimming, the heart rate should be around 50 to 70 percent of your total heart rate capacity. And you have to determine your own heart rate. Subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate.

3) Know well about swimming

To us, swimming is pretty much free-style. Spend time in the water on your own terms. But swimming can take many forms. Backstroke, Butterfly, Sidestroke, Breaststroke etc. Knowing about them well and getting into the water will make a difference in swimming. Swimming will be good as well as new work.

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4) Swimming at different times

Don’t just vary the swim, try to change the timing as well. At the same time, swimming regularly at the same pace may not always produce the best results. So it is better to come out of your comfort zone and swim. It will increase the rate of using different types of muscles in your body.

5) Give time 4/5 days a week

Although swimming is beneficial for the body, how much swimming should be done? According to nutritionist and fitness expert Beshirava, ‘Jogging, cardio, walking or swimming will be good for any kind of exercise. But if you swim regularly, you need to keep 4/5 days a week for it.’

6) Start slowly

If you swim too much in the very beginning, it will make your body too tired. It can also put pressure on the mind. For this reason, it is better to start the swimming habit slowly. Initially swim for 15/20 minutes daily. If necessary, you can swim one day in a row. Gradually build up the habit of swimming for 30 minutes five days a week. As a result, losing body weight will become much easier.

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7) Use of life jacket

It is normal not to be a good swimmer due to lack of practice. But if you decide to swim then you can keep some equipment like pool needle, kickboard or life jacket. However, it may not be very beneficial for exercise. But slowly learn to swim.

8) Balance in diet

It is important to make changes in diet or eating habits to lose weight. Just like heavy meals are prohibited after gym or exercise, same is the case after swimming. If you eat a heavy meal after swimming, it is not possible to lose weight. Remember, the calories you consume through food, should be consumed more by swimming. Even if you want to lose a small amount of weight, a specific diet must be followed. Swimming, however, burns more calories than other forms of exercise. So it is very important to maintain a balance on both sides in food intake.

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This is how important swimming is to lose weight. This is a great opportunity for those who haven’t decided to swim yet. Stay well everyone, stay healthy.

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