Upper belly fat Reasons and 5 effective exercises to reduce belly fat

Upper belly fat is a common problem in our life. In this problem, fat accumulates in our upper abdomen and destroys the waist size. Because of the bloated stomach, no dress seems to fit us. We have to be embarrassed about this. The upper abdomen is more prone to obesity than any other part of the body . And the fat of this part falls most late. Physical beauty completely destroys the fat in this part. Therefore, there is no end to the worries of both men and women . In many cases, the upper abdomen is also enlarged due to hereditary problems. Again, due to hormonal problems, fat accumulates in the upper abdomen. Proper diet, lifestyle changes and regular exercise can save us from accumulating upper belly fat. Let’s know the causes and ways to get rid of upper belly fat.

5 Reasons for Upper Belly Fat

1) Junk food

We all like to eat different junk food like fried food , fast food and sweet food. Most of these foods are unhealthy. Because they increase the amount of calories in our body. Regular consumption of junk food and processed food slows down our metabolism and accumulates fat in the upper abdomen.

2) Not doing physical work

We don’t do physical work due to busyness or alchemy. When I go out, I use vehicles instead of walking . Go up to the elevator quickly without using the stairs. Regular walking and exercise is very important for us. It keeps our body and upper belly fat free.

3) Being anxious

We often get anxious. And this anxiety increases our upper belly fat. Anxiety causes our body to produce a type of hormone released from the adrenal gland, which releases sugar from our liver and produces fat in the upper abdomen.

4) Irregular sleep

Waking up at night ,lack of sleep also causes fat accumulation in the upper abdomen.

5) Get older

As we age, many changes occur in our body . Then the fat under the skin starts to decrease and fat starts to build up in the upper abdomen.

Ways to reduce upper belly fat
5 methods can be used to get rid of it

1) Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water . Outside energy drinks, soft drinks should be avoided. Drinking enough water helps our body burn fat like magic. In addition, every morning on an empty stomach, 1 glass of turmeric mixed with half a lemon and 1 spoon of honey with warm water will cut the upper belly fat. Again ginger is boiled with 1 glass of water and mixed with half lemon juice and honey, it reduces fat. Eating these mixtures regularly will reduce the upper belly fat to a large extent.

2) Eating healthy food

Eating healthy food

Have oats for breakfast . A bowl of oats with fat free milk , mixed with any fruit should be made for breakfast. Eat lots of fruits. Oats increase our body’s energy. You can also drink detox water.

Detox water to reduce upper belly fat

3) Following a healthy diet

Following a proper diet will keep our upper belly fat slimming and toned. Eat small portions 5-6 times a day without eating full at once. This will reduce frequent hunger pangs and reduce the amount of food consumed. Food with less oil and less spices should be eaten. Use olive oil instead of soybean and mustard oil in cooking. Red rice rice and red flour bread should be eaten. Avoid fatty meat and eat chicken. Eat fibrous food, fish , eggs , vegetables and salad . Drink a glass of water 15/20 minutes before eating. It will reduce hunger. Drink water one hour after eating. At night, finish eating 2 hours before sleep.

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4) Sleep eight hours

Disrupted sleep increases our upper belly fat. 2 types of hormones work in our body-

1. Ghrelin Hormone (Ghrelin hormone) .

2. Leptin Hormone (Leptin hormone) .

Ghrelin hormone creates hunger in our body. When we sleep less, our body produces more Ghrelin hormone when we wake up at night. It also increases our appetite. Leptin hormone tells us when to stop eating. If we don’t get enough sleep, Leptin hormone decreases from our body. So 8 hours of sleep daily keeps our body fit and helps prevent fat accumulation in the upper abdomen.


5) Exercise 4 days a week

The best solution to lose upper belly fat is exercise. If we can’t go to the gym due to busy schedule, we can reduce upper belly fat by doing some simple exercises at home. Which takes less time and does not require any additional materials. Exercise 4 days a week for 45 minutes. Besides, swimming, cycling helps in reducing upper belly fat.

Exercise to reduce upper belly fat

Below are some exercise routines to lose upper belly fat fast that you can do at home

1) Standing with feet apart at a comfortable distance with hands behind the head , lean once to either side, and lean to the right side once more. Do this 30 times.

2) Lie down with legs straight. Both hands will be under the hips. Keep both hands down and raise your legs higher. Exhale while lifting up and inhale while lowering. Do this 15 to 20 times.

3) Keep your knees bent on the mat. Now put your hands under your head. Lift the entire body up to the waist . Bring it down again. But while lowering the body, the head should not stick to the mat, care should be taken. Do this 30 times.

4) Put your hands under your head. Bend the legs and lift them upwards. Now lift your head up and try to touch your right leg with your left elbow. In the same way, touch the left leg with the right elbow. Do this 30 times.

Exercise to reduce upper belly fat

5) Lie down on both elbows. Eyes will be forward. Lift the whole body up by leaning on the toes and elbows. Rest on both elbows and toes for 1 minute each time. Do this 3 times.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will get its benefits within 3 months. 45 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach or if not possible in the morning can be done in the evening or at night. Proper diet and daily lifestyle changes can make you look attractive and healthy in losing upper belly fat.

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