Waist Slimming Exercise in 2023 Get a Slim Waist

Visit us for waist slimming exercise – Hello friends, today’s post is very important because in this post we will tell you that waist slimming exercise and workout, by doing which you can make your waist thin and slim.

Friends, nowadays it is the era of fashion and everyone is fond of thin waist, no one wants their figure to be useless, everyone has to make slim attractive and for this you have to do exercise or workout.

Earlier we had written a post in which we have given home remedies and ways to reduce waist, but there are many people who have to exercise to reduce their waist, then this post will be very beneficial for those people. So friends without wasting time let’s start the post.

Exercise to Slim Waist

1. Go jogging

Friends, this is a great exercise to make your waist slim, and you do not even need to go to the gym to do this, and you can do jogging in any park or garden. By jogging, your waist fat will be reduced and your figure will be slim.

You can jog for 30 to 40 minutes every day and if possible, jog in the morning, it will benefit you more, it will burn maximum calories.

If you do not get time in the morning, then you can do jogging in the evening as well. But try to do it in the morning because you get fresh oxygen in the morning which is good for your health.

2. Do waist stretching

This is also a very good exercise which reduces your waist fat. By stretching the waist, the fat of your waist decreases, due to which your waist becomes thin and slim. Keep your feet at shoulder distance and keep both your hands on your waist. Then after that, stretch your waist by bending it towards left and right.

The second exercise is that you keep both your hands on your waist and rotate your waist round and round, this also makes your waist thinner.

3. Do skipping

You must know that skipping means rope jump and you must have played it in your childhood. Friends, this is a very good exercise which is a great exercise to reduce your weight and obesity.

When you do this exercise, your obesity will reduce and this will help in making your figure slim and thin. Try skipping 15 to 20 minutes fast every day. You will see the difference after a few weeks.

4. Ride a bicycle

Friends, in this post, we have been giving exercises for those people who do not go to the gym. Cycling also makes your waist thin and it also helps in making your figure. If you are very fat then you should cycle for 30 minutes daily.

By cycling, your waist fat is reduced and your waist is thin, along with your partner, your figure comes in shape. You can ride cycle in any garden or open space. To get quick results, you should try to cycle fast, this will reduce maximum fat.

5. Abdominal exercises

Friends, your figure is also good by doing abdominal exercises and for this you should do crunches which are also used for sit ups exercise. By doing this exercise, your belly fat is reduced, which gradually affects your waist as well and your figure comes in shape.

You have to do 3 to 4 sets of crunches exercise and in each set you do 20 to 25 crunches, this will give you good results.

6. Leg raises

Leg raises are also a very good exercise, if you go to the gym, there is a machine to do leg raises, but even if you do not go to the gym, you can do this exercise by hanging on a pole.

Hold the stick with both your hands and leave your feet down, then slowly bring your feet up and bring your feet up to 90 degrees of your back and again bring your feet down. This is a very good exercise to reduce waist and belly fat.

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So friends, this was the waist slimming exercise, if you regularly do all the exercises and exercises mentioned by us, then your figure will become very nice and slim. Friends, if you like this post, then do share the post with your friends and family on Facebook and WhatsApp so that more and more people can be helped. Thanks friends.

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