Body Weight is Increasing The 6 are Not Forgetting Your Weight Loss!

Is the body weight increasing?

Let’s know about the 6 mistakes that are increasing your body weight instead of losing it –

1) You are not eating the required food

It’s true that reducing calorie intake is recommended in the beginning to lose weight. But what most of us do is drastically reduce our calorie intake. But we must not forget that our body needs enough nutrients to run its own processes. If we suddenly reduce our food intake completely, our body’s normal processes will slow down as well as our metabolism. The result is usual weight gain. For this reason, the calorie intake should be reduced gradually without reducing it too much in the beginning.

2) Your carbohydrates are white

Carbohydrate is a very important element for our body. An ideal meal plate should include vegetables and protein along with some carbohydrates. But the mistake we do is that the rice, flour, flour we use is all white in color which takes longer to digest. According to nutritionists, the consumption of brown rice or brown bread should be increased instead of these.

3) Do not eat dairy food

Many of us do not eat dairy products for fear of fat. According to nutritionists, calcium deficiency lowers the metabolism rate in girls. As a result, weight increases. So skimmed milk or non-noni milk should be consumed without stopping the consumption of milk.

4) Not eating one meal

Many people skip one meal especially breakfast to lose weight which should not be done at all. Because breakfast is the most important food for us and from it the body gets energy for the whole day. So breakfast should be full of various nutrients. Many people skip dinner which is also not good. Eat dinner by eight o’clock without stopping dinner altogether.

5) Not keeping track of food

While following a specific diet plan it is very important to keep track of the amount of food consumed according to that diet plan. In conventional diet plans, the amount of food is calculated in cups, spoons or grams. But most of the time we measure food by eye which is often wrong. And of course the results of the diet are not as expected.

6) Too much time gap between two meals

If the time between our meals is too long, our metabolic rate slows down, resulting in weight gain instead of weight loss even though we eat less. So eat a small salad or a fruit every three hours. It will improve the metabolism and also reduce the tendency to overeat.

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