What to Do on the First Day of Gym – First Day Gym Exercise

What to do on the first day of gym – Hello friends, in today’s post, we will tell you what you should do on the first day of gym and what should be kept in mind. Friends, in today’s time, whether it is a boy or a girl, everyone wants their body to be fit and this is also a very good thing.

Especially boys have a lot of trend nowadays to go to the gym to make a good body, every boy needs six packs and big biceps so that his personality looks good.

Friends, if you have planned to join the gym, then it is a very good decision for you because by doing gym, your health is good, your personality improves, your muscles are formed and along with this your strength also increases.

By the way, there are many benefits of doing gym, so you should do regular gym. Now our main purpose of writing this post is that many people have never done gym before.

Because of which they are going to tell about what they should do in the gym, especially what exercises they should do on the first day of the gym, how long they should workout and what things they should keep in mind.

So friends, without wasting any time, start this post and friends, we will request you, if you have never done gym before, then you must read this post completely once and must take care of what we have said. This will benefit you.

What Should I Do on the First Day of Gym?

1. Meet a gym trainer

Friends, on whatever day your gym will be the first day, first of all go and meet your gym trainer and tell them your requirements and inquire about them as well.

For example, have you done any gym training course from anywhere? By the way, if the body and fitness of the gym trainer is good then we can trust them.

This is very important because we take admission in a gym where there is no good gym trainer.

Because of which boys exercise according to their wish. You should not do this at all.

Meet the gym trainer and tell him what is your goal. Do you want to build muscles, do you want to lose weight or do you want to join a gym for fitness?

When you tell all these things to your gym trainer, then he will know what kind of training and exercise you have to do.

2. Don’t do gym on empty stomach

Friends, many people say that you should do gym on an empty stomach but it is absolutely wrong. You should never do gym on a completely empty stomach.

You should eat something light before going to the gym so that you get energy while doing workouts and you do not feel too tired.

You can eat a bowl of oatmeal and two bananas with it before going to the gym. Oatmeal contains protein and banana contains carbohydrates, which will give you a lot of energy while working out in the gym.

3. Warm up

Friends, before starting your workout routine, you should warm up for 10 to 15 minutes. Due to this, blood circulation in your body is done properly.

The biggest advantage of warming up is that you are not at risk of injury while exercising.

Warming up brings flexibility in your body. If someone tells you that you should start exercising by going to the direct gym, then it is very wrong.

Due to this, the risk of injury to you increases a lot.

4. Exercise with light weights

Friends, we can understand that you are in a hurry to make a good body and you want to make a great body as soon as possible.

But this does not mean that you go to the gym on the very first day and exercise with very heavy weights. By doing this, nothing will happen to you that day, but the next day when you wake up in the morning, your condition will worsen hundred percent.

Your whole body will be in so much pain that we cannot tell you. That’s why on the first day you should exercise with very light weight.

5. Do not exercise for long

Now friends, it has also been seen that the people who go to the gym on the first day are very enthusiastic, due to which they do more workouts than necessary.

As we told you earlier that you have to do very little exercise on the first day of gym. On the first day you exercise for half an hour and then come home.

In this half an hour also, you have to do only a set of all wraps with light weight. You should apply one set of each exercise and 6 reps in it.

But remember that the weight should be very light so that you do not have any kind of problem the next day.

6. Pay attention to what the gym trainer says

Friends, when we first go to the gym, then the gym trainer gives us information about what exercises to do. Then you should pay a lot of attention to their words because it will only benefit you.

We have seen that many boys do not pay attention to the words of the gym trainer and start exercising like the one who has the best body in the gym.

Friends, you should not do this mistake at all, those who have a good body, they exercise for many years and they have a lot of experience, then they become such a good body.

You should always pay attention to the words of your gym trainer and follow the workout routine given by him.

Then my dear friends, this was what should be done on the first day in the gym and what are the things you should take care of. Friends, we hope that you would have liked this post of ours and if you have liked it, then please give it a like and share.

Apart from this, if you want to ask us any questions or doubts related to this post, then share your questions and doubts with us in the comments.

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We will try to answer all your questions and doubts as soon as possible. We want to give the right guidance to the boys who are going to the gym for the first time so that their body can become good and their fitness level can be good. Thanks friends.

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